Links to Animation Sites

Animation Meat Animation techniques, tips, and knowledge gathered from numerous sources over many years. Run by Steve Kellener and Jon Hooper.

Stop Motion Animation

News, Forums, and many other resources.
Clay Animation How to Page A site that has all you ever wanted to know about clay animation

Utilities and Drivers

IOXperts Drivers for video devices that are not natively supported by Macs. If you have trouble connecting to your video camera with FrameThief and other applications, this site is the first place you should go.

QuickTime Related Links

Apple The place to download QuickTime and much much more.

Little Quicktime Page

Information about QuickTime and related products by the creators of several book on QuickTime and other subjects.

PC Stop Motion Programs

Anasazi "Anasazi is cutting edge animation capturing software that saves and plays back your animation on your hard drive."
AnimatorDV "AnimatorDV it is system for creating stop-motion animation and can be used also on film set as a helper."


"Stop Motion Pro is computer software designed for stop motion animation - traditional cel, claymation, cutout or experimental techniques."

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