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Why is the feed frame and the replay not in pixel-perfect alignment?

FrameThief's ships with the replay settings optimized for best replay speed. Unfortunately, this is at the cost of the replay's image quality. If you wish to attain pixel-perfect alignment you will need to alter some of the default settings to raise the image quality of the replay. The following settings should be modified:
  1. Replay Preferences: Change the Replay Size to 100%.
  2. Replay Preferences: Click on the Playback Speed and Compression Settings button. Adjust the Compressor to a compressor that does not alter the image quality such as Animation or None. Also, adjust the quality setting to Best (if available).
  3. Option 1: Resolution Preferences: Switch to the Custom setting and enter your capture resolution manually but use 0:0 for the Aspect Ratio adjustment. Option 2: Resolution Presets: Either create a new or modify an existing preset to have the correct resolution and an Aspect Ratio of 0:0. Then make sure that the Resolution Preferences panel is set to using the preset that you modified. Note: It may be necessary to close and re-open the preferences dialog in order to see the changes made to the preset in the Resolution Preferences panel.
  4. Adjust your Animation Window size to the largest size allowed.

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