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No tools are available and I'm seeing the "No feed connected" over color bars in the Animation Window.

The most likely cause is that FrameThief is having trouble finding the Plugins folder. The Plugins folder contains files necessary for FrameThief to connect to feeds, load tools, and etc. The following is a quick representation of the standard FrameThief folder structure:

  • FrameThief 2.1 [installation folder] 
    • FrameThief [the application]
    • Plugins [folder]
      • Lightbox [folder]
        • Lightbox [plugin]
      • QuickTimeVideo [folder]
        • QuickTimeVideo [plugin]
      • Timelapse [folder]
        • Timelapse [plugin]
      • ...  [other plugin folders ...]

If for whatever reason, the FrameThief application was moved to another location (i.e. the Desktop) without the Plugins folder, you would experience the connection problem and lack of feed connectivity and tools. The rule of thumb is that the 'FrameThief' application icon should always be in the same folder as the 'Plugins' folder. Moving the FrameThief application icon back into the FrameThief 2.1 folder or re-downloading the application should resolve the issue. Also, please make sure that QuickTime Video is selected for both the GrabVideo Feed Using and Capture Frames Using lists in the Capture Sources preferences panel. 

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Last update: 2007-11-05 17:27
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