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FrameThief just gives me image files, why not a movie file?

FrameThief was designed to provide flexibility in the animation process; many animators want to do editing of the frames that are captured; i.e. exposure adjustment or special effects. By not compiling the frames into a movie file, FrameThief saves the animator time since the frames can be opened in any image editing application. Also, this provides another level of safety for the animator. Imagine doing a long shoot and before you finish, the computer crashes. If the application was compiling the movie on the fly, most likely your shoot will be unrecoverable. With FrameThief, this situation would have very few consequences since unless something truly horrific happens, your frames will still be in the folder that they were captured to. Since FrameThief also saves the current project after each capture/undo operation, you should be able to simply start the program and resume the shoot from where you left off without adjusting settings.
Compiling the frames that FrameThief outputs can be done in the program by using the Export Animation to QuickTime movie option. Alternatively, you can use the separate utility application called FrameSplicer to compile the frame sequences later.

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